Our mission is to bring the truth of Christ to our listeners by creating an environment through music that opens their hearts and their minds to receive the TRUTH of Jesus
Salvation what is it? There's many ways to describe it, but here's 3 simple steps.....


Belief is the foundation of faith. Belief in Jesus Christ - that He lived, died, and was brought back to life beating death. Belief that it REALLY happened and that by doing so HE took the penalty for our sin on HIMSELF.


Repent. That word simply means to turn away - turn away from who and what you USED to be, and to strive, daily, to be more like Christ. This can be one of the hardest things to accomplish but also the most rewarding and peace giving things you'll ever do.


Growth - it is natural. When you water a plant and put it in sunlight it grows. God designed it that way. He's designed people much in the same way. Jesus is living water and He is the light - once you believe in Him and repent, you take on His Living Water and He shines His Light upon you - and just like the plant YOU grow, everyday, into the great and wonderful creation God has always meant you to be.

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